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"The Sport Of Testosterone"
Last winter more than 600 wolves were chased down on snowmobiles and shot to death - After being run to exhaustion.
70% of wolves killed were pups and yearlings, similar to what is present in natural population. Hunting not selective.
To those pictured on this page, and those like those pictured on this page: How proud you must feel. You may as well have caught these animals and shot them in your own backyard. They had no chance against you, you know that. The skin hanging in your home only proves the inhumane loser you are.

A Special message from me to you:


C'mon guys.. Do your part to see that these needless slayings become a part of our past.
Posing with a dead animal and smiling about it.. Yeah, that makes sense..!!!!!
Can you feel their pain?
My God, how couldn't you?

These images will forever haunt me. They are real, this is what's happening to our wolves.  How is it that we are still allowing such ruthless acts to occur?

This is insane people..
We need to put an end to it today.

Cruelty to animals? This is far and beyond cruelty..